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Multi MA+++ indicator

Provide up to 6 MA lines, 3 MA ribbons and more in just 1 single indicator. Works with all markets & timeframes effectively.


What's Moving Average (MA)?

Moving Average or MA is a dynamic Support – Resistance line that is formed by smoothing the price movement. It removes price noise to form a line that shows the average price of the asset over a period of time. There are different types of moving average based on different calculations. Each type of moving average has its own pros and cons.

The Moving Average (MA) indicator is an indicator with a long history and is used by almost all traders in all markets. This indicator helps to predict the price trend effectively when there are crossover signals (break through Resistance – Support levels).

Based on the MA indicator, traders can see the trend of the market and determine the trend reversal point to make a Buy – Sell decision.


Multi MA+++ indicator features

An experienced trader often uses a variety of moving averages and/or simple to advanced crossovers for a more precise trading condition. A simple MA indicator usually does not provide the ability to do these things. That’s why Safe Trading developed the Multi MA+++ indicator with many advanced features that you can see below.

  • Multi MA Lines

    You can draw up to 6 MA lines which can combine to 3 MA ribbons for Short-term, Mid-term and Long-term.

  • Multi MA Types

    This indicator provides 10 difference MA types that you can use.

  • Buy - Sell signals

    Provide Buy - Sell signals when there are cross up/down events of MA lines or MA ribbons.

  • Full alert conditions

    Receive alerts whenever a Buy - Sell signal appears without need to monitor the market 24/7.

  • Flexible & Easy to use settings

    Easy to understand setting options, full documentation, flexible parameters.


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Usage guidelines

Multi MA+++ indicator works with TradingView – The most powerful chart tool in the world now with 30+ millions traders community. So you need to have a TradingView account to use this indicator. If you didn’t have one, please register for a free TradingView account here.

When you register for Free Multi MA+++ indicator, we will grant you access right to this indicator and you can add it to all your trading chart and enjoy its powerful.

This indicator is easy to set up, we provide full documentation for this indicator here. You can also able to join our Discord server for more guidelines and trading ideas.


Who should use Multi MA+++ indicator?

  • Multi MA+++ indicator works with all markets (Stocks, forex, crypto..) and all timeframes (M15, M30, H1, H4, D1…). So you can use this indicator in any market and timeframe you prefer.
  • Multi MA+++ indicator is very helpful for new traders who don’t have experiences in determine crossing points of many MA lines and MA ribbons.
  • Multi MA+++ is also helpful for experienced traders as it can help to save many time and trading opportunities.
  • Multi MA+++ is a MUST HAVE indicator if you are a trend following traders or if you love MAs.


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Trading indicator is a tool that is applied to a trading chart with mathematical computations to provide information on chart and help traders identify trading signals and trends of an asset.

All Safe Trading indicators work on the TradingView platform. Therefore, you need a TradingView account to use them. If you don't have one, you can create a free TradingView account here.

Please enter the Register form to get the indicator for Free.

Granting access have to do manually. Safe Trading usually completes the grant of access within a few hours from the time you make payment. However, it may takes up to 2 days (Usually on holidays or when there are many orders).

After successful payment, you will see a form to fill in your TradingView account information.

We will send a notification email as soon as the time we complete the grant of access.

  1. Open your TradingView chart
  2. Click “Indicators” button (in the top tool bar)
  3. Select “Invite-only script” category
  4. Click on the name of indicator to add it into chart

For detailed usage guidelines of indicator, please check our indicator guidelines.

Please wait for us to grant you access right. If you've received a notification email and still don't see it, please try the following solutions:

  1. Check to make sure you logged into your TradingView account.
  2. Check to make sure you submitted the correct TradingView Account to us. You can see the TradingView account you have been sent in the notification email.
  3. Try to Log out of your TradingView account and Log in again.
  4. Please wait 1-2 hours and check again.

If there are still problems, please contact us for further support.


Why Safe Trading indicators?​

Powerful Tools in Reasonable Price

We provides effective trading indicators that work on All Markets & Timeframes in a reasonable price. You won't find similar indicators anywhere else.

Trusted & Tested by Millions

Our indicators are all based on trading theories that have existed for decades, trusted and tested by millions of traders.

By Trader, For Traders

Our indicators were developed & tested by a trader, a programmer with more than 15 years of experiences and having deep knowledge in trading. So we know what you need and provide the right indicators.

No Over-marketing

We don't tell lies and promote "invincible" indicators. Those indicators don't exist. We create effective indicators to support your trades.

Amazing Support

Not just providing indicators, we go with you by detailed instructions, knowledges and dedicated support.

With many years of trading experiences in different markets, I used to lose a lot of money before I was able to confidently trade Safely and Efficiently.

When looking back on my journey and working with new traders, I realize that the most traders join the markets with just belief of winning, and then everyone has difficulties, even pain like the path I took when choosing to become a trader.

Mistakes are inevitable. Experience is something that takes time to build up. But if you and I are fully equipped with knowledges and tools right from the start, I'm sure that it'll be much easier and we can make money from the market much faster.

Simon Ng.

Trader & Safe Trading Owner

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