Payment guides

Safe Trading accepts payments using these methods:

1. PayPal

Please click the PayPal button (blue button), then login to your PayPal account and press Accept payment.

You will receive email(s) from PayPal to confirm your payment with details about the payment.

2. Credit/Debit cards

Please click the Debit or Credit Card button (dark button) to start your payment.

Safe Trading uses PayPal as the payment gateway to process your payment securely. Because of that, you’ll be redirected to payment page hosted by PayPal to enter your payment details.

You can use all popular Debit/Credit cards to pay for Safe Trading services/products.

We do NOT store (nor can we store) your card information.

Note: If you buy a subscription service/product, PayPal may process future payments automatically without notice you. However, you will receive a notification email from PayPal when a transaction occurs.